Gone are the days when carriers would only offer one single cellular network to its users. Now in the age of technology, users are no longer bound to a single service provider. This means that they can effectively change providers, granted their phone isn’t blocked by the carrier. For this, make sure your phone is Unlocked. Don’t worry though, it’s fairly easy to get an unlocked phone these days on Amazon and other such online retail stores.

APN settings allow you to set up your device to work on any other GSM network that is available globally. This article will help guide you on how to use APN to connect to your desired network.

APN Settings — All you need to know

So, by now you’re probably wondering what APN settings are. APN stands for Access Point Names. For those of us that aren’t tech-savvy, it is the access name that sets up a connection between your phone and the provider’s network. These settings are essential to set up to make sure your device generates the correct IP Address to connect to the network’s services.

Most of the technical work is done on the service provider’s side of the connection so you just need to make sure you enter the correct settings provided to make sure your device generates a stable and steady connection.

In most cases, your APN settings will be pre-configured. They will have been set by the carrier themselves. However, there are exceptions to this case. In case you may have to change them or desire to re-configure it. It is important to note that not all phones grant you the ability to change their APN settings. This extends to Unlocked phones as well. So, in some cases, it might be best to change your phone instead.

How it works — Simple yet meticulous

This is where we get a bit technical. The very first thing you need is the required settings for the network you intend to connect to. For that, you need to make sure the settings are correct. It’s easy to get these settings from the carrier’s website online. You will need the right parameters such as APN proxy and APN type.

Now depending on the phone, you are using, you need to go into its settings and then into mobile networks. There you should find the ‘Access Point Names’ settings. You should come across these fields:

  • Name
  • APN
  • Proxy
  • Port
  • Username
  • Password
  • Server
  • MMSC
  • MMS proxy
  • MCC
  • MNC
  • Authentication type
  • APN type
  • APN protocol
  • Bearer

Fill these fields up based on the settings you found from the carrier’s website. Make sure you type in the settings correctly as any minor change can affect how your settings work out. Once you’re done, save it. Now select the APN you just created from the list. This should take about 30 seconds for your phone to reconnect to the desired service provider using the settings you just entered. In case, you don’t get a connection after about a minute then consider restarting your phone. Once complete you’ll be successfully connected to the service provider of your choice.

Some important factors to note

  1. Make sure your phone is unlocked so that it can use a different sim. If the phone is not unlocked then these efforts will be in vain and it will fail to register to the network.
  2. While adding the settings, you don’t need to fill in all the blanks. Only enter details for the fields that are already mentioned in the settings provided by the carrier. Others can leave a blank or default.
  3. The APN settings are emphasized for their accuracy. As there are countless service providers you should make sure you adhere to the settings you found from the carrier’s website and strictly stick to using them.
  4. On some occasions, your provider has two different APN settings that need to be entered in. This is because one of them offers the standard data plan while the other is a separate gateway for MMS and other data which is different from your standard plan.
  5. Your phone will disconnect its network once you save and select the new APN setting. Do not be alarmed. This is a normal procedure. It’s simply disconnecting the old network and reconnecting to the new settings that you just entered.


Where can I find these APN settings for my service provider?
These APN settings are easy to get. You can search for them online and find them from the carrier’s website or you can also phone your service provider and receive them from there.
What if my phone does not connect to the new APN settings once selected?
This sometimes happens, in which case you need to reboot your phone so that it can reconnect to the network settings that you provided.
Is this procedure the same for all types of smartphones as well as tablets?
Yes, in general, they are all the same. The only difference you may find would be in the fields offered inside the APN settings.


Configuring APN settings is nothing special and once you’re through with it you’ll find that it was an easier task in contrast to what it seems. If you’re still not clear about how this works, don’t worry go through the article again, it has everything you need to understand the basics. In summary, APN settings are what your phone uses to connect to the service provider so that you can use their facilities; send messages, receive calls, and connect to the internet.

To change to a different service provider, you need to find the right settings and change the APN settings for it, accordingly. Make sure you change each field one by one and do not rush the process, some fields may be left to default. Once you’re done, save the settings, select them from the list, and Voilà, you should now be connected to the new network.

If you did everything correctly, let us know in the comments down below or if you’re still experiencing problems, feel free to let us know, and we will help you out. If you liked this article, consider subscribing so that we can continue developing such content to suit your needs as it is important, we know the impact of our content reaches its mark.





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