If you love consuming comedy content on YouTube then you might be familiar with Rhett & Link who run a number of comedy and entertainment channels. Both of these individuals form one the best American Comedy Duo which is very rare to be seen on YouTube. We have other entertainers like PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye, etc. but these dudes took comedy to a wholly different level.


Before we discuss the journey of this comedy duo, let’s first dig deep into their personal lives. If you are a fan of Rhett and Link then you might be excited to know more about their family and wives. Are Rhett and Link ever married? Yes, of course, they are!

Rhett and Link Wives

rhett and link wives

Rhett’s Wife:

Rhett is married to Jessie Lane. They were in a long-term relationship before they actually tied the knot. They dated for several years and got married on 29th March 2001. Rhett and Jessie were lucky enough to have two children together. The names of their children are Locke McLaughlin and Shepherd McLaughlin.

Link’s Wife:

Link is married to Christy Neil. They dated for a long time during their college days and obviously, true love never fades. Christy studied at Meredith college and Link’s college was also nearby. We don’t know how they met as Link hasn’t disclosed it publicly but their relationship was turned into a marriage in 2000, just before Rhett was married. The Link and Christy now have three children together. One is their lovely daughter Lily and two sons named Charles and Lando.


The Link and Rhett’s wives rarely show up on YouTube channels. They have made few appearances but they never became an integral part of the channel. Another interesting thing about Rhett and Link is that they both are not going to have any more children; guess how we know that? Actually, both of them got a vasectomy back in 2017. Now that’s what you call family planning. In one episode of Good Mythical Morning Show, they shared their experience about this whole process.

Rhett & Links Parents, Siblings

Links Father


Rhett came from a family of 4 individuals including her mom and dad. His dad is Jim McLaughlin while the name of her mom is Diana McLaughlin. Rhett also has an elder brother Cole McLaughlin. Rhett’s birthplace was originally Georgia but later their family moved to North Carolina.


Link was from North Carolina and his parents were Charles Lincoln and Sue Capps.  Unfortunately, Link’s parents divorced when he was only two, and her mother married another man.

Rhett & Link

Rhett and Link met in North Carolina and they became good friends because both of them were like-minded. Later they came up with the idea of starting a YouTube channel and the rest is history.

Rhett & Link’s YouTube Career

Rhett & Link Youtube

This comedy duo started back in their college life where they got inspired by Cru Meeting’s host and North Carolina State University. Later they started making comedy sketches and videos for conferences and meetings. Their videos were actually being loved by people. So, they thought to move onto YouTube. Then they started their full-time YouTube career. Rhett and Link currently work on a number of channels where they also host podcasts, vlogs, and comedy videos. A list of their channels and partner channels include:

  • Rhett & Link
  • Good Mythical Morning
  • Good Mythical MORE
  • Ear Biscuits
  • Mythical Kitchen
  • Smosh ChannelsThe good mythical show was launched back in 2011 where both Rhett & Link hosted a morning talk show. Their office was in North Carolina and the main theme of the show revolved around different stories and personal opinions.The Mythical Show was released back in 2013 when Rhett and Link pushed their first episode online. They released a 30-minute episode every week and they got a very good response from their audience. The first season of this Mythical show consisted of 12 episodes.


    In 2017, they came with a new channel named as “This is Mythical”, on this channel they used to upload vlogs with their team and especially those food vlogs.


    The Mythical entertainment is owned by both Rhett and Link. They now have tens of members supporting them with other channels. Mythical Kitchen is one of their concepts where Mythical Chefs upload food videos on different ways to prepare some amazing food. “Fancy Fast Food” and “Snack Smash” are some of the most popular series.


    Further mode, this comedy duo also has its feet in the Advertisement industry. They have done various videos for many big brands and they acted in the “Cornhole Song” video as well. Furthermore, businesses like Wendy, McDonald’s, and Cadillac also sponsored the videos of this comedy duo.


    One of the most popular podcasts “Ear Biscuits” is also arranged by Rhett and Link. They both host these podcasts and some of the big famous personalities have joined them on their weekly podcast. They also share their stories on these podcasts where they discuss the relations, comedy, life, death, and more stories. The Link and Rhett also got an award in 2016 for hosting the best podcast.

    Net Worth

    Both of these individuals have a combined net worth of $16 Million as of now. This net worth is equally divided between Link and Rhett which makes a total of $8 Million each. A large part of their income comes from YouTube monetization while they also do sponsor ads for some of his direct clients. The big brands like Gillette and Toyota have also sponsored Rhett and Link for video ads. They also appeared in a number of commercials and still they do some commercials to earn handsome income.


    One big reason for their popularity was that they used to make commercials for local brands. This duo was pretty famous for their awesome commercials. Their top-level commercials were also featured on big news sites such as Forbes, TMZ, CNN, and the NY Times. People were so inspired by their commercials that a new T.V series named “Rhett and Link: Commercial Kings” was released which was undoubtedly another hit.


    Both of these individuals are still active on YouTube having millions of subscribers on each channel. They kept entertaining people with their comedy videos and they established their own entertainment company through which they manage numerous channels and sponsorship.


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