Lyca mobile is an emerging successful mobile network based in the U.S.A. It is becoming very widely used because of its good mobile and internet service.

Lycambobile’s services include SIM card registrations. Their website has all the information about the process of SIM activation, credit recharging, call rates, etc. It is very easy and simple to top-up your device using Lyca mobile’s website. Many feasible online options are available, which allow quick and safe transactions for buying a SIM card and credit recharge.

Lyca APN settings:

To access APN internet on your,  i.o.s or android mobile, it is sometimes required to configure the data of APN on your device. Usually, it comes done, but there is a possibility that it might have to be done on a device. The procedures to be followed for an i.o.s device is quite different from that which is to be followed on an android device. In both cases, when a sim card is inserted, the configuration occurs itself, but when you do have to do it, you need to follow the respective configuration steps of your device.

Configuration of a device:

A configuration may have already been completed on the device, but it is not. Just follow the few steps below to complete it. Ensure that all the previous APN settings that are no longer in use are removed before Lyca APN settings are activated.

Configuration of an Android device:

Follow these steps to activate Lycamobile mobile data and access 4g on an android device.

  1. After you find out the APN in the settings, press the three-dot button on the right hand on top of the screen and reset the APN settings.
  2. After that, copy the Lycamobile suggested APN settings main. Make sure every word, upper case, lower case, punctuation, and numbers are the same. Otherwise, it will not work.

After completing these two steps, your APN settings for Lycamobile will be set, and you can enjoy mobile data on your device.

Configuration of an i.o.s device:

The steps to complete configuration on an i.o.s device is also as easy as it is on an android. However, it can be a very time-consuming task as some devices have those settings blocked, and you cannot access them easily. If such a problem does not occur, the process is quite simple.

  1. You will find the APN settings in the mobile data section in the settings of the iPhone. You should start by resetting the APN settings.
  2. You can also edit the APN settings instead of resetting them. Copy the same suggested APN settings main chart exactly, and your Lycamobile data will be ready to use.

After that, you will have to activate mobile data on your SIM to use internet services.


Lycamobile is currently operating in twenty-three countries of the world. The company’s most generated revenue comes from SIM products. It is doubtlessly one of the best mobile networks, and if your configuration is already completed, you will have no problem activating it. Even if it is not, it is quite simple to complete the configuration and Lycamobile internet APN settings on your own and takes very little time.

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