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Jamaica is probably one of the best countries when it comes to rising talent, especially in the music industry, where millions of voices keep their distinct magic to capture the hearts. Christopher Oteng Martin is a pure talent who started his journey by winning Digicel‘s Rising Stars, which is a Jamaican version of American Idol. He won Rising Stars back in 2005, and until then, he has written and sang various heart touching songs. Some of his best masterpiece songs are as follows:

● Cheaters Prayer

● I’m a big deal.

● Let her go

● Is it, love

Early Life

Christopher martin singing

Christopher Martin was born in Back Pasture, St. Catherine, on 14 February 1987, on a beautiful Valentine’s day. His father’s name is Cleveland, while her mother is Maxine Martin. Christopher Martin started his early education at Watermount All-Age School, but he was graduated from St. Jago High School. During his school life, Chris Martin was fond of sports and dramatic arts. Martin was a talented student, and he won many prizes in extra-curricular activities. 

His first most significant achievement was winning the Digiticel’s Rising Star competition back in 2005. He then worked with Digicel to promote their Christmas campaign with his own beautiful voice. “Love Is All We Need” was an integral part of this campaign. The campaign also became popular with the voice of Martin, and he became popular at this point. 

Martin’s parents were also very supportive at every point, which ultimately resulted in his success. He himself said that “My parents and my peers at School really motivated me. They always said that I would be a star”. Christopher was his own in charge of promoting his voice and music, he wanted to take his music to a national level, and he stated that “I want every household across the world to know and love my music and where I come from.”

Christopher revealed his hidden talent with reggae/dancehall genres of music, and he is also well-known for his beautiful songs in these genres. 


He released several Albums and Songs, but not all of them became popular. His popular songs included “Cheaters Prayer,” “Let her go,” “I’m a big deal,” and “Is it love.” Some of his other popular releases include “Nah Go Change,” “Giving It,” “Take My Wings,” “Tonight,” and the singles “Jamaican Girls” and “Gallis” in collaboration with Busy Signals.

Reggae and Dancehall were two main areas where Christopher was dominant, and he also got a chance to work with other top-notch reggae and dancehall artists, including Robert Livingston, Shane Brown(Jukebox), Arif Cooper, and Christopher Birch.

Martin joined Big Yard after his initial success and got a chance to collaborate with Robert Livingston. More of his popular releases include “Paper Lovin’,” “Cheater’s Prayer,” “Come Where You Going,” and “Chill Spot.” Many fans loved these releases, and they took over radios. Martin’s vocal prowess was excellent, and he is also a very down to earth person; that’s why he has a loyal fanbase.

Martin’s Success

christopher martin

After his first audition at Digicel’s Rising Stars show, Christopher Martin was successful, but it took him some time to prove himself. He struggled a lot to make improvements in his vocals and lyrics. He collaborated with various music producing companies and people who wanted to see good in him. After he won the Rising Stars competition in 2005, his success journey started.

After Martin’s initial success, he was invited to various stage shows to fill the audience’s ear with his enchanting voice, and he beautifully did it. Later in 2008, he got a chance to perform at One Night with Michael Bolton, which was also a fantastic experience for him. In 2008 he also gave his performance in one of the biggest Air Jamaica Jazz Festival. 

The year 2008 was significant for Christopher Martin because he won various awards and gave a number of impressive performances to build his fan base. He also got nominated for The Jamaica Observer Teenage Choice Awards and Excellence which was another big achievement for him. His talent also reached the Jamaican’s Music Charts, and he was fortunate enough to earn this much success at a young age. He takes his music career very positively as he is doing something that he actually loves; he said in an interview that, “It has been a wonderful journey so far, filled with new and promising encounters. It is also challenging but I love what I am doing, so it makes it that much easier.” 

Joining VP Records

vp records

Christopher Martin became a hit and he got a chance to sign a contract with VP Records which is one of the biggest record labels. He signed the contact back in 2013 and the CEO of VP Records was pretty impressed by him and said that “His combination of vocal strength, outstanding stage presence, and natural charisma are a winning formula for success, and we look forward to working with Christopher Martin and his team in the years ahead.”


Martin also toured Zimbabwe to give a live stage performance back in 2016. He performed with other top singers including  D’Major, D’Windy, and some Zimbabwe Singers. This performance was another huge success in his life.

Cheeny Big Son

Christopher wanted to do something extraordinary, so he launched his own record called “Cheeny Big Son” He won numerous awards including “Singer of the Year” and “Male Vocalist of the Year” awards. Lydon ”Kingy” is the manager of Christopher Martin.

Is this Chris Martin from England?
There are actually two different singers with the same name “Chris Martin”.One is “Christopher Anthony John Martin” while the other is named “Christopher Oteng Martin” who is from Jamaica and this is his life story.
What Genres Chris Martin is involved in?
Christopher Martin is mainly involved in Reggae, dancehall, and reggae fusion music genres.
When Chris Martin joined VP Records?
Chris Martin signed a contract with VP Records in 2013 after his initial success as a singer. The CEO of VP Records was very happy after taking Martin onboard.

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