Top Ten Richest Psychics in the World

Any student who has studied Greek mythology knows that prophecies and psychics played a huge role in ancient times. From the beginning of time, mankind has always struggled with the quest to know the future, communicate with deceased loved ones, and fulfill prophecies. To this day, mankind continues the eternal search for the unknown. Mediums and psychics, thanks to advances in technology, are now able to reach more and more people for readings. For some, a career in this field can be quite lucrative. Meet the top ten richest psychics.

John Edward, born John Edwards McGee Junior, is one of the most well known psychics. Ironically, he himself doubted the credibility of psychic readings until he was 15 – when another psychic told him he would one day become an internationally famous psychic and author. Edward’s popularity grew due to his show Crossing Over with John Edward. Net worth: $3 million

Theresa Caputo began her career as a psychic medium in her home state of New York. In 2011, she kicked off her career with a book deal while performing psychic readings. As her fame in New York grew, TLC selected Caputo for the reality show Long Island Medium. Despite criticisms, her bubbly personality kept a solid fan base.

Net worth: $5 million

Lisa Williams, a native of Great Britain, has the gift of psychic ability in her genes. She is the granddaughter of a psychic, Frances Glazebook. Williams has amassed her wealth through TV programming including Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead and Lisa Williams: Life from the Other Side. She has written three books and appeared on other TV shows such as Deal or No Deal. She currently is an ordained minister of the Universal One Church.

Net worth: $2 million

Michelle Whitedove first entered the limelight when she appeared on Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker when a couple sought a joint reading. She then went on to participate on America’s Psychic Challenge. HBO created the documentary No One Dies in Lily Dale based on her life. Whitedove wears a variety of hats including business consultant, life coach, and investigator. Net worth: under review

Ron Bard, who grew up homeless on the streets of New York, was a beloved psychic among celebrities. His most famous clients included Brad Pitt and Kelsey Grammer. Bard, with the help of Grammer, founded The Channel Channel.

Net worth: $1 million

Colette Baron-Reid, a professional singer from Canada, did not delve into the psychic world until she was 28 years old. She broke a record contract in order to live out her dreams of becoming a psychic. Between her book Remember the Future and her new job as a radio personality, Baron-Reid’s fame grew tremendously. She continues to make TV appearances and write books. Her personal sessions are $800 each.

Net worth: $3 million

Chip Coffey first tested his abilities on his mother; in the pre-Caller ID era, he would predict phone calls and the caller. Like Lisa Williams, Coffey also descended from a clairvoyant- his great grandmother. His wealth stems from book royalties, large events, and $650 private sessions.

Net worth: $1 million

Carmen Harra, a former Romanian singer, began her psychic career with doctorate degrees in clinical psychology and alternative healing. She has created a name for herself by authoring several books; she even writes for Huffington Post. Harra’s main focus is on couples and their relationships. One session with Harra costs about $400.

Net worth: under review

Allison Dubois, first aware of her gift from the age of six, describes herself as a medium able to talk to those beyond the grave. Dubois has offered her time and services to the police to help solve crimes. A fun fact: her life inspired the show Medium.

Net worth: $2 million

George Anderson, specializes in ministering to those who have lost loved ones. He credits his ability with his own near-death experience in which he allegedly communicated with the spirit of Joan of Arc. Interestingly, Anderson has undergone several bouts of scientific testing; lab results prove his accuracy. For $1200 per session, Anderson offers private readings. Net worth: under review

Whether you are a believer or a skeptic, there is no doubting the numbers: these psychics are some of the richest in the world.