Three Men Mysteriously Disappeared After Responding To The Same Craigslist Job Ad

Gone without a trace was the last thing they expected when three men responded to a Craigslist job advertisement in a vast farm in Ohio. The three middle-aged men, who had been beaten and dejected by hard times, had stumbled on ‘’luck’’ when the employer quickly approved them as the perfect ‘’candidates’’ for the farm job.

The deal was good, perhaps too good, but the men would never dare think twice. $300 a week and free accommodation, in exchange for vigilance and being hawked-eye watching over the 688-acre farm. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity; simply the hustle was over! None of them had suspected foul play when the employer had asked to meet each one of them separately. One man only lived to tell the story, but the others were less fortunate.

What follows is a thriller marked by mystery, tomfoolery, and murder of three men following a lead to a better life, or was it a lure to a deadly trap?

Agony and pain of being homeless was what Ralph Geiger, 56, had known for his better part of his mid-life. He grabbed at every opportunity to get back on his feet, but the chronic homelessness was what he just couldn’t shake off his life.

But it was not that way from the beginning. Ralph wasn’t the creepy, potentially crazy person reaping big from the benefit of a lifetime bad decisions. In fact, he was once a home developer and an employer in the 90s.

It didn’t take much for Ralph to wind up homeless. The economic turndown had left him with no money to service his rent after homeowners had little to spare for home renovations.

It wasn’t until 2011 when Ralph stumbled on a job advert too good to resist. With a two bedroom mobile home and a whopping $300 a week salary, the job description needed someone to watch over a vast 600-acre farm in Ohio. It was a perfect deal for Ralph; he responded to the ad.

August 8, 2011 was the last time Ralph was reported to have made contact. Ralph close friend, Summer Rowley, said that Ralph had called her on his way to Caldwell to start his new job. She bade him farewell and wished him a fresh start in life.

As though he had vanished into thin air, no one heard from Ralph again. Rowley had made attempts to reach him through his cell phone, but it was the voicemail services that made her restless as days turned into weeks. At the beginning of October, his phone was out of services, and it was subsequently re-issued weeks later to a new subscriber.

The weeks had grown into months, and still, there was no trace of Ralph. Summer had grown restless but had not found it necessary to report him missing. Ralph on a couple of occasions disappeared in the past and somehow managed to re-appear.

Picking up the pieces and starting over is one of the cruel realities of life that sometimes we have to face. This is what David Pauley, a year old man was going through. The bad economic times had taken a toll on him, and his recent divorce had made matters even worse. How to start over was simply a nightmare.

We can’t say that David was born under a lucky star, but out of blues, a lucky break was dangling in front of him. While browsing on his computer, he spotted the Craigslist job advert that Ralph had answered. Without hesitating, he responded to the ad.

The deal wouldn’t have come at a better time for David. The package was very appealing and would certainly turn his life around.

The employer was quick and responsive. David’s request was approved almost instantly. After calling his twin sister Debra Bruce, he left for Noble County, Ohio to start his dream job.

Before David left, Debra made him promise that he would be in touch which he did though he was keen to say that there was no phone service where he was headed. A lengthy talk and goodbyes marked their last conversation.

Having been divorced for over a decade and struggling financially, Timothy Kern, 47, From Massillon, Ohio was out desperate looking for a job, just any job to keep him going and his three sons who he constantly kept in touch on Facebook.

The Craigslist job advert was intriguing, very tempting to say the least. $300 every week with free accommodation was good money to simply walk away. But just before he was off to Ohio, he posted on Facebook that he had received a lucrative yet strange job offer. This was on November 10, 2011.

Being detached from his sons was his biggest regrets since the farm in Cambridge, Ohio had no mobile service.

After stopping at his ex-wife’s place to say goodbye to his three boys, he started his journey. The children and the ex-wife were happy for him but little did they know that it was the last time they would ever see him.

The advert just had a hook, and it was too good to pass. Just like the three man Scott David jumped at the Craigslist bandwagon. What he met was a rude shock of his life.

A gun pointing at his face, and before he could comprehend what to do next, Jack the purported ‘’employer’’ had fired a bullet that hit him on the face as he tried to shield himself. And a second bullet followed, but luckily he knocked the gun down and off he ran to the woods for his dear life.

Quick steps and ducking in the woods might have helped him dodge a rain of bullets that followed him. He took cover in the wood until it was dark and was worried that the blood he had lost would make him unconscious.

Pale and Fidgety, he got lucky when he found the home of Jeff Shockling who called help through 911. The help arrived after 15 minutes.

A series of investigation revealed that the advertisement was a hoax, a dead trap, where Jack murdered the unsuspecting victims and lived off their wealth.