The Stars of American Horror Story Get Emotional (Scared) by Their Own Characters

It’s that time of year. The summer is ending, the temperature is getting a little bit colder by the day, and the leaves are turning colors and falling. That’s the first signs of the spookiest time of year, Halloween. The starts of American Horror Show are no strangers to fright and and twisted fear, being part of one of the most popular scary shows on television today. However, when put in the place of the scaree, the fellows did tend to jump about as much as the average person would go in to the air when frightened.

The whole event came about with Universal Studios’ recreation of Halloween frights via its Halloween Horrors 2016. The set up includes scenes and set from some of the most frightening movies in the horror genre, including Friday the 13th, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Walking Dead, the Exorcist and, of course, American Horror Story. The stars to walk the event on opening night included Evan Peters, Denis O’Hare, and Finn Wittrock, all well known faces on AHS. One would think these guys have seen it all and would only be mildly amused. Apparently they jump out of their shoes just as well as anybody, especially when it’s their own show characters doing the scaring of them. Maybe they know something the audience doesn’t?

The stars’ faces seemed to give them away with the frights, no matter how well the fellows tried to keep composure. Wittrock seemed to give himself a muscle strain in the jaw with how many times he freaked and bared his teeth in fright. All of them needed to check their clothes once the tour was over to make sure there weren’t any unexpected accidents from fear reactions.

Fortunately, all three actors made it out alive and well, no body parts missing and all accounted for. Better yet, none of the AHS horror characters seemed to follow them out the door either. Bad spirits have a tendency to latch on and go home with unsuspecting victims. However, when it comes to the TV show itself, things are a bit up in the air (or under the blade of the executioner). Wittrock is still left in purgatory with regards to whether he will be back for the latest season. Peters and O’Hare, however, seem to be in good stead with the ethereal world as they are returning and confirmed. Then again, who knows. Wittrock might have figured out he could have a better, more stable gig hanging out on a part at Universal Studios as well. If nothing else, he gets to see all his fans up front and personal with every tour.