The 15 Richest Actresses in the World

Everyone knows that acting pays well. Here are the top 15 richest actresses. Some of their wealth is due to great career choices and talent, while for a few others it comes down to DNA.

15. Fan Bingbing

At 34, she is China’s top earning actress and has a few American parts to her credit as well, most notably X-Men Days of Future Past.  Her net worth is estimated at $17 million but the government in China is known to limit the pay of celebrities.

14. Deepika Padukone

The 30-year-old was born in Copenhagen to Indian parents. She returned to India in her childhood and began modeling and acting as a youngster. She is one of the most beloved figures in her country. She is Bollywood’s current IT Girl and with a net worth of $100 million, she is the highest paid actor in India’s history.

13. Jennifer Lawrence

The 26-year-old Kentucky native has had quite a ride to the top. Her big screen debut was in 2011’s Winter’s Bone and since that time she has taken the world by storm. Her most lucrative and popular role to-date is as Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games film franchise. Her beauty, professionalism, and good nature are all reasons she will continue her meteoric rise. The $110 million she is currently worth is quite astounding after only five years in showbiz.

12. Drew Barrymore

Successfully acting for the majority of her 41 years, Barrymore may be one of the most venerated actresses on this list. The sultry dishwater blond has had her share of ups and downs over the years, but she has remained true to herself and her family roots. Her grandfather was Lionel Barrymore, a famous actor of the silent film era. Drew captured the hearts of American’s way back in 1982, appearing as in the movie ET when she was only six years-old. It is no surprise that she has amassed a personal wealth of $120 million.

11. Jane Fonda

She is the daughter of acting legend Henry Fonda, the 78-year-old beauty has won 2 Academy awards but is possibly most well known for her anti-war activism of the 60s and 70s. In the 1980’s fitness guru she built a business empire as a fitness guru and was single-handedly responsible for the popularity of spandex. Her net worth is estimated at $120 million – conservatively.

10. Julia Roberts

This 48-year-old Georgia girl never dreamed she would become one of the world’s most sought after actresses and directors. She was born into a minor-league acting family. Her mother ran an acting workshop for children outside of Atlanta, when she was a child. Her big screen debut came in 1988, staring with Liam Neeson in the movie Satisfaction. Her breakout role, however, came two years later when she portrayed a “hooker with a heart of gold” in the movie Pretty Woman. Her career has netted her around $140 million.

9. Angelina Jolie

Acting was less of a calling than a family trait. Her father is Academy Award winner Jon Voight. Jolie won an Oscar herself, in 1999 for her outstanding performance in Girl Interrupted. She has become a successful actor, director and humanitarian, amassing a net worth of $150 million.

8. Jennifer Aniston

Born into acting, Jennifer Aniston still had to pay her dues. She moved to Hollywood after graduation from her NYC, high school. She appeared as a supporting actress in several low-budget films before landing the role that would make her America’s sweetheart, Rachel Green in the wildly popular sitcom, Friends. Since the series ended, she has enjoyed a successful film career and non-stop acting gigs that have elevated her to a net worth of $170 million.

7. Miley Cyrus

Child actress, popstar, and cultural icon are just three titles Miley Cyrus can claim. Her father, country music singer, Billy Ray, (Achy Breaky Heart) was known for his dance moves, tight jeans and perhaps the most epic mullet in the history of ever. Her run as Hannah Montana on the Disney TV show of the same name made her popular with preteens in the early 2000’s most of which have stayed loyal, garnering Miley a net worth of $197 million.

6. Sandra Bullock

Born in Virginia to a vocal coach father and a German opera singer mother, Bullock was no stranger to showbiz. She traveled the country as a child, performing in the children’s choruses of her mother’s various stage productions. Her big break in Hollywood was staring opposite Keanu Reeves in 1994. Since that time she has taken the world by storm as one of the most beloved actresses of her time. The 52-year-old is well known for her humanitarian causes and has a net worth of around $200 million.

5. Paget Brewster

She is well known for her portrayal of Special Agent Emily Prentiss on TV’s hit show, Criminal Minds. Her husband may be the source of her massive $240 million net worth. He is musician Steve Damstra.

4. Jessica Alba

The 34-year-old Alba is perhaps best known for her role in the popular Fantastic Four franchise. She began acting in 1993 and has worked steadily since. However, it is her astute business sense that created most of her wealth. Since becoming a mom, Jessica Alba has embraced domesticity. In 2011, she co-founded The Honest Company, which sells items ranging from toys to sunscreen. Her goal was to offer quality, responsibly sourced products for children and families. According to Forbes her company is worth over $1.7 billion.

3. Jami Gertz

As a teenager, Gertz appeared as the type-A control freak in the sitcom Square Pegs. Her acting career stalled, though she continued to appear in Broadway productions. Her comeback role was as the lovable quirky 1/3 of the love triangle with Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt in 1999’s blockbuster, Twister. The 50 year-olds massive $2 billion net worth results mostly from her role as wife to the successful businessman, Antony Ressler. The two have been married since 1989.

2. Julia Louis-Dreyfus

The 52-year-old was born to a wealthy NYC (by way of France) family. Her father was a billionaire and her mother spent her career as a tutor for special-needs children. Louis-Dreyfus, worth over $3 billion, began her acting career on the stage and moved to LA in the 80’s. She is best known for her portrayal of quirky and sarcastic Elaine from TV’s Seinfeld, though she has had acclaimed success since in more serious roles.

1. Dina Merrill

Actress and businesswoman, Merrill, 92, has a net worth of $5.1 billion. She earned most of her money the old-fashioned way; she inherited it. At one time, her mother, Marjorie Merriweather was the wealthiest woman in the world. Her father was Edward Francis Hutton. Yes, THAT E.F. Hutton! As far as her acting goes she has had a successful career spanning more than six decades on stage and screen.