Shawty Lo Killed in Car Crash

It is with great sadness that fans everywhere woke and learned of the death of Shawty Lo. Lo, a popular rapper, has a long and avid fan following. Many fans enjoyed his music and loved how much he put his life into it. Conflicting reports initially made the source of the crash unclear. What was was clear is that he had died as a result of a car crash. Police first reported that the accident was an obvious hit-and-run with Lo as the victim. However, later reports from the police indicated that the accident was not the crash that had been believed but rather a single car accident. Such single car accidents are not uncommon in the area as it is heavily traveled at all hours of the night as well as during the day.

Crashing Over a Guardrail
Local television report that his 2016 Audi crashed quickly over a guardrail and caused him immediate injuries. As it did so the car hit several trees and then caught fire, leaving it hard for him to exit the car and clearly causing him serious injuries. This took place at the Cascade Road exit on the area’s southbound I-285. People close the scene have revealed that he died at the scene when he was forcefully ejected from his car. After the accident, two others passengers were also taken to the hospital. Authorities estimate that the entire accident took place at about 2:20 a.m after he left the nearby Blue Flame nightclub.

A Rapper
Shawty Lo was born Carlos Walker. He was 40 years old at the time of the crash. He is survived by eleven children of various ages. Lo is possibly best known for a 2007 single “Dey Know.” The song made him famous when it peaked at no. 31 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. He is also known for his work as a founding member of D4L. The rap group started to attract attention in 2005 with a hit that was widely popular called “Laffy Taffy.” His last released song was called “Put Some Respek on It” took place in late April. The song was supposed to be featured for his fans on an upcoming mixtape expected to hit the charts soon.

Confirmation of Death
The shocking news of his passing was confirmed to the public by his manager. The announcement came on Twitter very early on Wednesday morning. Multiple tweets followed his announcement, many expressing shock that his passing was so sudden. Many tweets also offered condolences to his family as well as expressing horror that his death came so suddenly without the opportunity to say goodbye in person. His fans also expressed sentiments hoping that his legacy will continue even after his passing. It is still unclear what caused the accident. Those who knew him personally continue to be saddened that they will not hear his music again. They also hope that his children will remember their father as he was.