See What The National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Cast Looks Like Now

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is the third installment in John Hughes’ “Vacation” franchise. Released in 1989, the film was written by Hughes, like its predecessors National Lampoon’s Vacation and National Lampoon’s European Vacation. Many National Lampoon fans consider Christmas Vacation to be the best of the series. In 2012, three cast members reunited for an Old Navy holidays commercial: Chevy Chase, Juliette Lewis, and Beverly D’Angelo. Read on to find out what each cast member has been up to since starring in the eighties classic.

Chevy Chase: Clark W. Griswold, Jr.
Reprising his role from the first two Vacation films, Chevy Chase was 45, and an A-lister in the comedy world – not least due to being an original cast member of Saturday Night Live! Soon after Christmas Vacation, sadly, Chase’s career hit a long, slow plateau that didn’t lift much until he joined the case of Community. His role as Pierce Hawthorne, geriatric horndog/community college student, revived Chase’s career – until very public disagreements with the show’s creator caused Chase to leave the cast. Similarly, the original director of Christmas vacation was Chris Columbus, who quit because of Chase.

Beverly D’Angelo: Ellen Smith Griswold
Since playing Chase’s wife Beverly in all four Vacation films, D’Angelo has enjoyed success on the show Entourage, as well as in the movies Harold & Kumar escape from Guantanamo Bay and The House Bunny.

Randy Quaid: Cousin Edward “Eddie” Johnson
Little brother to Dennis Quaid, Randy’s most recent film credit was in Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach in 2009. The following year, Quaid and his wife fled the U.S to avoid bail for charges of illegal occupancy. They are now seeking refugee status in Canada, claiming to be on the hit-list of a group called The Hollywood Stay Whackers. If he returns to the states, Quaid will be arrested.

Miriam Flynn: Catherine Johnson
Flynn’s most recent screen role was on the comedy TV series Suburgatory. Most of Flynn’s current work is voice talent for video games and TV, when not acting on shows. She performed the voice of Grandmother Gooseneck for nine Land Before Time movies.

Ellen Hamilton Latzen: Ruby Sue
Childstar Ellen Hamilton played Uncle Eddie’s cute little daughter in Christmas Vacation, as well as Michael Douglas’s daughter in Fatal Attraction. Today Hamilton is an account executive, her last film credit having been Boys Life 2 in 1997.

Juliette Lewis: Audrey Griswold
Juliette Lewis has come a long way since Christmas Vacation. Starring in cult classics like What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, From Dusk Til Dawn, and Natural Born Killers has brought her current role acting on The Firm, as Tammy. She’s also a rock singer, and fronts the band The New Romantiques.

Johnny Galecki: Rusty “Russ” Griswold
Galecki was the third child actor to play Russ Griswold, after Anthony Michael Hall and Jason Lively starred in the first two, respectively. Three years later he would be cast as David Healy on Roseanne. Galecki is now a household name from his role on The Big Bang Theory. Fun fact: in one scene, Galecki steals one of Chase’s trademark gags: looking at his bare wrist and pretending there’s a watch on it.

Diane Ladd: Nora Griswold
Ladd was probably most famous for Scorcese’s Alice Doesn’t Live Her Anymore when she was cast in Christmas Vacation. She now stars in HBO dramedy Enlightened with Laura Dern, her real-life daughter.

Doris Roberts: Frances Smith
Roberts earned four Emmy Awards playing the favorites-chooser mom Marie on Everybody Loves Raymond. In her 70s, Roberts; most recent appearances have been on Desperate Housewives, The Middle, and Madea’s Witness Protection.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Margo Chester
Having Gotten her start on Saturday Night Live, Louis-Dreyfus’s big break was, of course, in Seinfeld – a role which she landed in the year after Christmas Vacation. Surpassing the Seinfeld Curse suffered by her show cast mates, Louis-Dreyfuss killed it on five seasons of The New Adventures of Old Christine. She now stars in Veep on HBO.

Nicholas Guest: Todd Chester
Guest prefers to work in voice acting these days. His credits include John Teller on Sons of Anarchy and Martian Manhunter in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Nicolette Scorsese: Mary (the lingerie counter girl)
Unrelated to the Godfather franchise director, Scorsese began her career as a model. She was typecast as the sexy busty girl in a few 90s films, including in Boxing Helena, but seems to have quit acting. The most recent information that could be found on her was a photo taken of her at an art opening in 2006.