Ready for a new ‘do, the lob might suit you

Tired of beachy waves? Ready for a new look? Try the Lob (long bob), the hottest hairstyle of the moment. This chic ‘do has taken the celebrity world by storm.

Yvonne Strahovski’s hairstylist angled her cut longer in front and cut choppy layers at the bottom. The longer, sideswept bangs are flattering to every face shape.

Sleek and face-framing, Naomi Campbell’s long-bangs lob looks best on heart-shaped and round faces.

Even Taylor Swift cut off her long curls to partake in the new trend.

Brooklyn Decker flaunts a soft, textured lob, courtesy of hairstylist, Ted Gibson. To minimize her strong jawline, he says, “I created graduated layers and made the cut a little longer in the front. You want hair in the front to be below the jaw so that it doesn’t draw the eye to that area of the face.”

Kaley Cuoco says the best decision she ever made was to get a boob job when she was 18. Would cutting her hair off be her second?

Kim Kardashian sports a longer lob with lots of sexy layers.

 Reese Witherspoon was an early adopter of the trendy haircut.

Tyra Banks’s bangs draw attention to her beautiful eyes. Tousled curls round out her lob.

Long, messy layers enhance the fine hair of Alexa Chung and add some serious swing.

Katy Perry sports her green lob on the cover of the Rolling Stone.