New Digs! All About Paris Jackson’s New House

Ever since Michael Jackson died in 2009, his daughter Paris Jackson has been living with her grandmother Katherine Jackson in a seven-bedroom mansion in Calabasas, California. But with Paris’ brothers Prince and Blanket as well as some of her cousins living there too and because she recently turned 18, she recently decided that she needed some privacy and a space to call her own. So where did she go? Keep reading to learn all about Paris’ new crib. (It might look familiar!)

Moving out, moving up
When Paris told her family she wanted to move out, they were understandably worried about her safety. After all, because she’s Michael Jackson’s daughter, she can’t simply get on Craigslist and find herself a nice studio apartment! So, one of her family members suggested that she move in to a place that’s been in the family for years… Michael’s former mansion in Encino, California.

Believe it or not, before moving in, Paris had to get permission from the trustees of Michael’s estate. But, after she pointed out that she effectively owns the property as part of her trust, they quickly granted her request.
Michael Jackson fans might remember his iconic Encino mansion, but if not, here are a few quick facts about it:
• Michael’s dad Joe Jackson bought the home in Encino, California in 1971 at the height of Jackson Five’s success.
• At one point or another, the house has been inhabited by all of the members of the famous Jackson family.

• Michael lived there before he moved to Neverland Ranch in 1988.
• In his Encino mansion, Michael recorded many of his hit songs, including “Billie Jean” and “Beat It.” He also invented his signature dance, “the moonwalk,” at this house.
Because the main house in Encino is in the middle of remodeling, Paris has moved into the back guesthouse for now. Paris seems to love living on her own and enjoying her newfound privacy.

More big developments for Paris
When Paris moved into her late father’s guesthouse, she claimed she was living alone but that her boyfriend Michael Snoddy visited frequently. Well, now it seems that Snoddy has not only moved in but has also become her husband! Rumor has it that Paris and Snoddy have secretly wed. Spectators recently noticed that Snoddy has worn a gold band on his ring finger for the past several weeks.

So who is Michael Snoddy? Here’s what we know:
• He’s a former pizza delivery boy for D’Amore’s Pizza in Malibu. Now, he moonlights as a member of a psychedelic drum corp.
• The couple met in April in AA.
• They adopted a dog together, who is featured in a recent Instagram picture on Snoddy’s account. The photo was taken in their backyard and includes Paris, Snoddy and two pooches.
• The couple enjoys talking about their shared interests: spirituality, music and art.

In addition to new digs and a new marriage, Paris has another new connection in her life as well. She recently got back in contact with her once-estranged mother, Debbie Rowe, after Rowe was diagnosed with breast cancer. The famous mother-daughter duo have been texting each other and have even met up a few times to catch up.

… And she’s just getting started
Between a new house and new relationships, it seems like Paris Jackson is a busy woman. Michael Jackson would be awfully proud! We wish her the best in her new home with her new husband.