LAPD: No Guns Were Found in Chris Brown’s Home

Belabored singer and entertainer Chris Brown is likely due some well-deserved validation for a recent charge that now appears to be completely fabricated.

Chris Brown Arrest
On Tuesday morning, August 30, Brown found himself once again embroiled in a police incident involving alleged violence against a woman. The Los Angeles Police Department was called to the singer’s Tarzana home early that morning around 3:00 am. They were responding to a 911 call from dethroned Miss California Regional Baylee Curran.

Curran claimed that Brown had began raging at her and pulled a gun when he found her admiring a diamond necklace. She further claimed that Brown’s entourage rallied around the entertainer, trying to bully Curran into signing a nondisclosure agreement by withholding her cell phone. She reported to TMZ that she had refused, grabbed her phone, and ran away.
The incident developed into an hours-long standoff with the LAPD, during which Brown railed against both the police and referenced the Black Lives Matter movement via Instagram. He denied Curran’s allegations, and vowed that the ensuing warrant would reveal no weapon, proving the woman’s lies and the LAPD’s egregious behavior.

The LAPD eventually obtained their search warrant and entered the Grammy-winning singer’s residence. Brown left the home peacefully after a reported 9-hour stand-off. LAPD spokesman Lt. Chris Ramirez reported that they had received cooperation from everyone leaving the residence. Shortly after, the police arrested the 27-year-old with charges on suspicion of felony assault with a deadly weapon. Brown was released later the same evening after paying a $250,000 bail.

Disgraced Accuser Curran

The aspiring model/actress who accused Brown of this latest incident of violence has her own checkered past. The pageant girl was crowned on April 1 this year as Miss California Regional, but was stripped of her title a few short months later, on July 5. Pageant spokesman Joshua Jones alluded to an investigation around instances during the pageant that led to Curran’s dethroning. TMZ reports that the instances refer to nude photos of Curran. To date, the sullied beauty queen has failed to return her sash and crown as requested by pageant officials.

Moreover, Curran is reportedly wanted for questioning in a 2013 New York City theft of a Louis Vuitton purse valued at $1,000. Curran reportedly snatched the purse from its owner in an upscale hotel and ran off. When hotel security gave chase, she allegedly discarded the bag, but not before securing its pricey contents.

No Gun Found
It has now been reported that LAPD FOUND NO GUN at Brown’s residence Tuesday. The performer’s attorney, Mark Geragos, claims “It has become apparent that the allegations are not just false but fabricated.” He explained that the jewelry alleged in Curran’s story was not found either, lending further credence to Brown’s assertions that her story was patently false.

Brown and his career soldier on, as he has just released a new song, “What Would You Do?” the day following his arrest.