Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner: Twinsie Moments

Although Kylie Jenner is almost half of Kim Kardashian’s age, you would not know it to look at them. In fact, you might think that they were twins and it seems that they are looking more and more alike every day. Pretty soon, it will be almost impossible to tell them apart. Just check out Kylie’s Instagram if you want proof of how much they dress and look alike. Kylie has posted tons of twinsie moments on her various social media accounts.

What is clear is that the two always manage to get people talking and they are doing just that with how much they look alike. Twins are fascinating in general. Kylie and Kim take fascinating to a whole new level. Not only are dressing alike, but they are becoming more alike in many ways. For instance, Kylie, 19, recently debuted platinum blond hair on Snapchat. This is the exact same color that Kim, 35, had back in late August and also at New York Fashion Week in the winter of 2016. Although she denies it, there is also talk that 19-year old Kylie has had a boob job, just like her older sis has had.
In addition to having the same hairstyle and color, the two dress almost identical too. There are dozens of photographs online where they are dressed almost exactly the same. These photos by E! News shows the two of them showing off more than a dozen twinsie looks. In fact, they are dressed in literally the same bikini in this photo.

Who raided whose closet here? Are their twin looks intentional or not? Take a look at Mirror Online and you decide. We couldn’t figure it out.

So, who do you think is copying who? Although Kylie may have some of the same styles as Kim, she is one to start trends. In fact, she explained to E! News last spring that while she loves changing her hair, she did not want to peroxide it like Kim as it was not her thing at the moment. And Kim? Well, she is not one to follow trends either.

Kylie and Kim have more in common than dressing alike. Kim has told ET Online that Kylie is her kindred spirit. She said that Kylie is her “twin soul” and a “free spirit” just like Kim herself is. Kim goes on to tell ET Online that her younger sib is the sweetest. Kylie, in turn, says that the best beauty and makeup tips that she has received have come from her older sister.
Check out the two famous siblings various styles for yourself in the links above and weigh in on whether or not you can tell them apart and whose look that you like the best.