Is a Collaboration Between Justin and Britney in the Future?

It seems like a lifetime ago since a baby-faced Justin Timberlake and perky Brittany Spears stepped out together in matching jean formal wear. Their puppy love flared and then fizzled rather quickly and a lot has happened since their Micky Mouse Clubhouse and teen pop star days including several hit songs on both their parts, a very public meltdown for her, and marriages to other people.

Justin and Britney both have stayed on top of the charts through the past decade and have even both stayed in the media spotlight for different reasons. Britney has been releasing albums and headlining in Vegas while raising her children for the past decade. Justin has been releasing albums, has proven that he can hold his own in acting, and touring. They both have careers that are enviable. This year Britney released “Glory” in August, and Justin has topped the charts with his “Can’t Stop the Feeling” which will likely be many people’s official summer of 2016 song. He has been working on releasing a new project with Netflix and she has been busy with her son’s sports schedule in addition to her album release. It seems neither has had time to stop and take a breath in the past few year’s, much less plan collaborations with random ex’s despite the fan frenzy that it may incite.

Brittany made the revelation in the radio interview, “Most Requested Live with Romeo.” People from across the globe sent in questions or comments and she did her best to answer. The question was presented by a man in Brazil, he asked who she would like to work with or make a video with. In her reply she also listed Aerosmith’s lead singer Stephen Tyler and Gwen Stefani as singers she would love to collaborate with, so she did not single out her famous ex.

Justin was taken off guard when told of being Brittany’s choice and had to come up with his answer on the fly. So what what Justin’s response? He says he is “absolutely” down to collaborate with Brittany, after apologizing for not knowing that she stated that she was interested in working with him. Eager fans of the pair, who “knew them when” may just get to see what happens when their favorite pop icons mature and collaborate. Anyone with ideas of a romantic reunion should likely go ahead an squash those hopes as Justin is married to Jessica Biel and keeping busy raising a toddler and putting together his Netflix Concert Film. Brittany may want to collaborate but that does not mean either of them are interested in donning the blue jean formal wear again, even for old time’s sake.