INKED-10 celebs who fear no needle

It is a great time to be a tattoo artist–especially one who caters to celebrities.  A few may settle for a single discreet inking, but once some get started, they continue until then run out of canvas!

“Sorry mum and dad, but I love it!” says Kelly Osbourne about her latest tattoo. At least, if she does ever share mum and dad’s sentiment about this inking, she can grow out her hair.

Miley Cyrus and two friends got the same tattoo in honor of Miley’s recently (April) deceased dog, Floyd. The tattoo reads, “WiTH A LiTTLe HELP FROM MY FWENDS”. Acting out the Beatles lyric may have been the impetus for getting the ink.

An illustration from the children’s book, Eloise, adorns Lena Dunham’s back. Ferdinand, the bull who would rather smell flowers than fight, is on her shoulder. She says of the body art, most of which she acquired between the ages of 17 and 21, “My tattoos are the main way people recognize me if I’m out.” To go incognito, she simply covers up.



At the age of 66, Sylvester Stallone, had his third wife’s, Jennifer Flavin, face inked onto his upper arm. This tattoo joins the many others supposedly covering scars from injuries he sustained in action movies.


Amber Rose

Another tattoo-happy in love celeb is Amber Rose, who had the smiling face of Wiz Khalifa etched on her arm. If that wasn’t enough, she also got a tattoo of her mother, Dorothy.



Ring up Pink! The singer has a barcode tattooed on the back of her neck. The numbers represent the release date of her album, Missundaztood, her birthdate, and her lucky number, 13.

Oh so discreet! Cara Delevinge added the white tattoo, “breathe deep” to her collection.


The diamond and stars decoration is also new.


justin bieber

Justin Bieber recently added a black and white rose to his right arm, above his cherub and heart tattoos. With his collection of over 30 tattoos, He has matching rose on his totally inked left sleeve. which is completely tattooed. He seems intent on leaving his baby-face self behind.

Angelina Jolie

The children of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are very intrigued with their mother’s many tattoos. The one on her upper left arm lists the geographical coordinates of each of her six kids’ birthplaces, including Cambodia, Vietnam, Ethiopia, France and Namibia. Her kids have not seen all of her tattoos—those acquired during her Billy Bob Thornton days have been removed.


Mr. Tattoo himself, David Beckham, bares almost all modeling David Beckham Bodywear for H&M. To commemorate different events in his life, usually having to do with his wife, children, and soccer.