How’s the weather up there?

These Hot Mamas stand tall and proud!



Just fine! Says the beautiful and successful 6-footer, Brooke Shields, who towers over, among others, Simon Doonan, creative ambassador for Barney’s New York.



Sean Penn sure doesn’t care that 5’10” Charlize Theron is taller than he is. The two plan to marry.

Khloe Kardashian outgrew her sisters years ago. She is 5’10” to Kim’s 5’3” and Kourtney’s shrimpy 5′.

Nicole Kidman likes her men on the shorter side, although she has moved up from Tom Cruise’s 5’7” to Keith Urban’s 5’10”. But, at 5’11”, plus heels, she still tops his tip.


taylor swift

 Does 5’11” Taylor Swift belong with Bruno Mars? Perhaps not.



George Clooney exaggerates, but exotic Tilda Swinton stands well over her documented 5’11” with those killer heels.

 Fiction becomes reality. 6’1” Quentin Tarantino has loved 5’11” Uma Thurman since he directed her in Pulp Fiction.

Actress and champion archer, Geena Davis shoots arrows from a height of 6 feet.

Drag queen, RuPaul measures 6’7” in flats, something this glamazon rarely wears.