How Do They Stay So Slim?

Celebrities are just as susceptible as anyone to following fad diets. Whether they need to lose a few pounds for an event or movie, rid themselves of excess baby weight, or just feel the need for a new food regimen, they seem to attract those promoting the newest weight-loss crazes, and they are only too eager to try them.

Victoria Beckham stays skinny through chemistry. She is a longtime follower of the Alkaline Diet, which prescribes eating lots of fresh green vegetables, fruits, beans, lentils, spices, seeds, and nuts. The theory is that eating a diet high in alkaline-producing foods will minimize acid buildup in the body and keep your body at an ideal pH. Meat, wheat, refined sugar, and processed foods cause your body to produce acid which is bad for you and causes inflammation, aging, and weight gain. Seems to work for her!


Gwyneth Paltrow’s diet is super-strict–free from gluten, wheat, dairy, eggs, corn, sugar, red meat, caffeine and alcohol. And she maintains an as-strict exercise regimen. She is very disciplined regarding diet and exercise. Above is her Winter Detox menu.

Angelina Jolie wastes away on the Ancient Grains diet, filling up on crops such as amaranth, quinoa, millet, chia seeds, kamut, spelt and buckwheat, which have been around, unchanged, for millennia. She claims they provide her with many nutrients, as well as shinier skin and, absolutely, a skinny body.

Katy Perry credits her fabulous figure to the M-Plan Diet. Eat a mushroom-packed lunch or dinner every day for 14-days. This diet claims to help women lose weight from their stomachs, buttocks, thighs, and upper arms, while leaving the bust intact!

Sexy Megan Fox swears by the 5-Factor Diet. Celebrity trainer, Harley Pasternak devised a diet based on the number 5! You’ll prepare and eat five, 5-ingredient meals a day, each taking 5 minutes to prepare and do five, 5-minute workout segments, five times a week. That is by no means the end of the 5’s! Each meal must include one ingredient from these five food groups: protein (egg whites, fish, lean meats/poultry, fat-free dairy), complex carbohydrates (vegetables, sweet potato, wild rice, beans, lentils, oatmeal, quinoa), fiber (whole-grain cereal, beans, wild rice, flourless wheat bread, fruits and vegetables with edible skins and seeds), healthy fat (from fish such as salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines, rainbow trout, or peanut oil, olive oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, flaxseed), sugar-free drinks (water, sugar-free soda, coffee, tea, or an unsweetened energy drink). There is a “cheat day” when you can give your counting fingers a rest and eat whatever you want! (Not sure what happens on the seventh day?!)

There is less of Drew Barrymore thanks to the Beauty Detox Solution devised by celebrity nutritionist, Kimberly Snyder. To shed her baby weight, she ate a diet which eliminated processed foods, refined sugars, dairy, artificial sweeteners, and gluten. She substituted lots of green juices, dried seaweed, cabbage, watercress, beets, cilantro, oat groats, citrus fruit, walnuts, sunflower seed butter and tahini—all of which contain special beautifying ingredients in addition to their weight loss properties. Looking good, Drew!

Christina Aguilera slimmed down, courtesy of The Fresh Diet. A Le-Cordon Bleu trained chef prepares delicious, calorie-controlled meals and snacks, (3 meals, 2 snacks a day), that are delivered to your doorstep (if you live in certain big city areas; otherwise, shipped twice a week). Prices range from $24.99 a day for the menu planned for you to $59.99 for the premium plan planned by you. Christina, most likely, orders the premium.

Iman relies on another delivery service for her organic, local, gluten-free, and vegan diet—Sakara. According to their website, “The Sakara Organic Delivery Program is designed to give you all of the nutrients and proteins your body needs in a simple and delicious form that your body can easily digest. We love to use quinoa (a complete protein!), nuts, legumes, sprouts, golden berries, kale(!), etc. to be sure that you are getting enough protein to maintain your energy levels and brain function throughout the program.” They are more interested in promoting and teaching healthy eating than calorie counting.

Looks like Iman has learned her lessons.

Elizabeth Hurley keeps trim courtesy of The Watercress Soup Diet. She makes a large vat of watercress soup and has a cup of it whenever she is tempted to raid the refrigerator. To prepare for a big event, she also recommends avoiding fried food, carbonated beverages, and too much fruit to avoid stomach bloat. Just make sure to check your teeth before smiling!

Jennifer Aniston once went on the Baby Food Diet, created by fitness guru, Tracy Anderson. The diet involves eating 14 servings of baby food a day, followed by a healthy adult dinner. She reportedly lost 7 pounds in the week prior to filming Just Go With It, in Hawaii. Whaaah!