Go Joey Go!

Congratulations to Joey Chestnut! Winner again of the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island and winner of his girlfriend’s hand in marriage!



On a wet and windy day in New York, Joey Chestnut retained his title as Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Champion by wolfing down 61 hot dogs in 10 minutes. For the eighth year in a row, Joey, who holds numerous records in the world of competitive eating, took home the coveted Mustard Belt, besting by 5 hot dogs the second place finisher. In addition to possessing great eating prowess, Joey is no slouch in the romance department.




The number 1 ranked competitive eater in the world proposed to his girlfriend of three years, Neslie Ricasa, also a competitive eater, who consumed a paltry 10 hot dogs and buns in the women’s competition. No hot dogs will be served at the reception.

Let’s look at some of Joey’s competitors and their areas of expertise as well as some of the stand-out women eaters.




Second place finisher, with 56 hot dogs, was Matt Stonie, 22 and from San Jose (where Chestnut also resides. What is it about San Jose?). He was neck-and-neck with Chestnut for the first eight minutes, but Chestnut finished strongly. Below are some of the records he holds.



The Record Amount Time
Birthday Cake 5.5 pounds 8 Minutes, 59 Seconds
Creek Indian Tacos 32.5 8 minutes
Frozen Yogurt 10.5lb 6 Minutes
Gyoza 268 10 minutes
Gyros 24 8-oz 10 Minutes
Slugburgers 31 10 Minutes





Tim “Eater X” Janus finished third, same as last year, after consuming 44 hot dogs. Some of his most recent conquests include eating 144 chicken wings in 12 minutes, 41 pork sliders in 10 minutes, and 2 gallons of chili in 6 minutes.


trophy, woman


New women’s champion, Miki Sudo, was able to defeat reigning champion, Sonya “Black Widow” Thomas by downing 34 hot dogs to Thomas’s 27 ¾.




Sonya, “Black Widow” Thomas finished second this year but held the title for the previous three years and still holds the women’s record of 45 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes, set in 2012. This eater weighs in at 105 pounds.




Notably absent from the competition, as he has been the past four years, was Joey Chestnut’s old nemesis, Japanese eater, Takeru Kobayashi, who was kicked out of Major League Eating over a contract dispute which limited his earnings to $40,000 a year. He was arrested at the 2010 hot dog eating contest after he stormed the stage wearing a “Free Kobi” t-shirt. This year, Kobayashi held his own hot dog eating contest, where he consumed either 112 or 113 hot dogs, without buns. Not sure whether that is better or worse than Joey’s performance.