From Bed to Beautiful in Half the Tyme

Ladies, a new sheriff has come to town. Clear out your styling tool storage and make room for Tyme. Donate your curling irons and hot rollers to charity. You need them no longer. The Tyme curler and straightener wand brings the revolution to your hair, and you are guaranteed to love it.

With just a little practice, you can have your long or short locks bouncing in beautiful form in mere minutes. The same holds true for those unruly curls you wish to subdue. Whether your mood is for corporate elegance or flirty fun, Tyme will shoulder the work for you, decreasing your morning styling time by about half. No more brush, clamp, hold forever then release. Now you can brush, clamp, pull through and your lock is either curled or straightened as you please.

Here are some of the great features of the Tyme:
• Uses high-quality titanium plates at an even 400 degrees
• You can straighten or curl more hair per pass
• Tyme heats and cools your hair simultaneously for smoothed out strands or perfectly set curls instantly
• Comes with its own heat-resistant sleeve so you can pack your Tyme immediately after use
• Is ready to go abroad with you with its dual voltage. All you need is the square-to-round adapter
• Stays on, even if your grooming session is disrupted by your phone, your family, your pets, the doorbell, etc.

You will need a little practice with the Tyme because its radical design does the wrist twisting for you. Also, to get a good curl, you no longer start at the ends but rather at the top of your strands. This might be a hard habit for you to break. Fret not, though, the people at Tyme are happy to do a face-to-face video conference with you to show you exactly how to use your Tyme.

How do you work this cool tool? Once you get the hang of it, it’s actually very easy. That’s the point, after all. Keep in mind that, using your right hand, you want to hold the device at a 45-degree angle to your head with your thumb behind the blue light. You hold the Tyme with the tip pointing up for the right side of your head and down for the left (go up and over your head). Some prefer to work from back to front, but it’s your choice. Pluck a lock and flatten it vertically (hairs higher on your head on top of the sheet of hair and lower ones on the bottom), clamp the Tyme near the roots holding the 45-degree angle, flip the ends backward over the tube for a curl, or don’t flip to straighten, and slowly pull forward. Hold the gold edge forward for straightening and the guideline edge for curling. For African style hair, you can both straighten and curl at the same time for easy and stunning fashions. You’ll know when you’ve mastered the tension and speed of the drag when your hair comes out looking silky smooth. If you are having trouble, just visit the Tyme website, at, and watch some of the videos.

Once you experience your first success, you’ll never want to go back to your old hair stying systems.