Four Times The Love, Four Times The Happiness

Are you buckled in?

We are asking first because you are definitely going to need your seat belts for the story that will unfold on the picture slide descriptions that follow. If you are a woman reading this you may require further restraint….and if you are a woman who is in her childbearing years – restrain yourself and hold on tight. This story is absolutely out of this world…but it will make you smile from ear to ear. We will take it slowly from the beginning…

Are These The Missing Disney Princesses?

No, the Disney princesses are safe and sound in a dressing room in Kissimmee, Fl. Are you shocked anyway? These are miracle quadruplets, Abigail, Emily, Grace and McKayla Webb. Now how do you get four of the most adorable IDENTICAL quadruplets in the world? I know we said we would go slowly but we will give you the facts only in drips and drops.

One Plus One Equals Six

This is how you get the cutie pies. Bethani and Tim Webb of Alberta, Canada met and fell in love. After they married in June 2015 they decided to start a family right away. June brides wait for no one.

Can You Count The Babies In This Ultrasound?

This is the image of a single birth untrasound picture. When the Webbs went in for their ultrasound on December 23, 2015 they learned that this pregnancy would not be a usual one. The nurse had a surprise for them, the Webbs had no idea.

The Flip Side

No matter how you slice it the Webbs were not going to get a single birth ultrasound image. This is what couples usually see when they go in to check on baby. Let’s try looking at it another way…shall we try multiplication perhaps?

What Grade Did You Get In Math?

The Webbs were surprised when the nurse asked them if twins run in the family…they began to brace themselves.

Four’s The Charm

The nurse told the happy couple that they would be having four babies. So much for starting a little family of their own! “Bringing Up Baby” would have to be “Bringing Up Babies”. The Brady Bunch had them beat by just two kids – they had six. Eight is enough had them beat by four kids. With all of the talk of all of those kids, never did it happen in one preganancy. More details to come.

The probability of having a naturally conceived set of quadruplets is an astounding 1 in 729,000 chance. Now we won’t take credit for that knowledge kiddo’s. That tidbit comes straight from Dr. James Bofill of the prestigious University of Mississippi.

The Webbs were learning new things all the time about their wonder preganancy. About one month prior to Bethani’s scheduled cesarian section the pregnant with children couple learned they would be welcoming four little girls into the world.

The Webbs were excellent troopers. They never stopped hoping for the best, smiling and being overjoyed. After all they were still newlyweds. With a preganancy of this proportion, there was a lot of medical concerns that had to be evaluated. Bethani’s OB/GYN decideed they would let the pregnancy go until 33 weeks to ensure the best outcomes for the babies.

Though they were covered in wires for monitoring and tubes for all medical reasons, the four miracles are beautiful aren’t they? Tim Webb told the global News that he felt like it was magic…talk about rabbits coming out of a hat. His wife laid there and they pulled one, two, three, four little bundles out of her. Tim thought the whole experience was surreal. But wait we learned one more thing about these beautiful bundles.

Proud Dad Tim Webb and his wife Bethani were and will be sought after by the media when they learned that the quads were identical. The chances of natural conception of IDENTICAL quadruplets is a 1 in 15 million births chance.


The blanket matches the sentiment. More media bites express Mom’s quip that she didn’t have to pick a favorite name for her daughter. She got to pick a few good names. Everyone wants to chat up these 1 in 15 million couple

Telling the four beauties apart is a challenge the parents designed to meet and conquer. When the babies were in the hospital it was dramatically easier to tell them apart since they each went off to their own incubator soon after they were delivered.

Faces Mom and Millions Love

Mom confided to CTV News that she couldn’t tell them apart when they were all laying next to one another. Dad confided that he was relieved when he spoke with a; staffer fromt he Edmonton Journal. Multiple births are extremely risky. The couple is too blessed to be stressed by small things like four times the formula or four times the car seats…bottom line is they have healthy children.

When the quads arrived at home the parents plotted a color-coded concoction to tell them a part we call it Operation Accessorize. The children will be defined by their hair baubles and perhaps toe nail hue. What do HUE think? Will it work?

Four Rabbits Out of a Hat

Remember Tim Webb said is is magic. These glamour shots of the quads are truly awesome. All of that hard work Bethani and you have a tree full to show for it. Great job!

Four Tiny Bears In a Rug

How beautiful they are. Bethani and Tim hail from the tiny town of Hythe in Alberta. The tiny town has a great heart as they decided to put on a fund raiser for the couple who were expecting one and got a whopping four. Hythe raised 50,000 for their hometown heroes.

The pastel hued dolls have friends who have also set up a Go Fund Me page to help out this big family. Who said that people today don’t have heart? Tim and Behani Webb look forward to years of love, fun and excitement. What a way to start a family!