Fort Worth Mom Transforms for Donuts with Dads Event

Just as women around the world were starting to give motherhood a bad name, Yevette Vasquez from Fort Worth, Texas, sweeps the headlines with an example of what parenting is really all about. Within just the first week of September 2016, we’ve seen stories about a mother in British Columbia who was pulled over for speeding in a school zone just after smoking a celebratory back-to-school marijuana joint and a Louisiana mother who turned herself into the police after her two-year-old was found decomposing under a bridge near New Orleans.

Oh, and we can’t forget the most recent episode of “Teen Mom,” which featured Farrah Abraham calling her daughter “stupid” for not feeling well enough to get dressed for an Easter egg hunt. It’s definitely been a rough year for mothers when you also consider the babies that have been snapped up by alligators during a Disney vacation or rescued from the chimpanzees at their local zoos. It’s enough to make you ask: “Where are the good mothers?”

Just in time to answer that question, Yevette Vasquez pulled out of the Sue Crouch Intermediate School parking lot and returned home for a change of clothes. While her son, Elijah, eagerly handed over one of his plaid shirts and a fake mustache, she carefully transformed herself from a dedicated single mother to a hungry father in the mood for donuts. With a baseball cap on her head, the mustache carefully placed across her face, and the plaid shirt proudly buttoned up, she added a splash of cologne and took Elijah back to school.

Bold Mother Serves Double Duty
What was the special occasion that prompted Yvette to transform into a man in a mere seven minutes? It was a Donuts for Dad event held at Elijah’s school. Since he doesn’t have a father figure active in his life, he normally doesn’t get to participate in the father/child events. Feeling the sadness that she knew this caused her son, Yvette decided to get him into the donut action by wearing playing the role of his father.

She shared pictures of their donut date on social media, including images of Elijah proudly standing next to his mother and beaming while enjoying his donut. He actually enjoyed two donuts that morning, since Yvette was too nervous to eat and allowed him to enjoy it instead. While most of the fathers at the event were welcoming, she noted that she could feel some uncomfortable tension from others.

The Positive Results
While we certainly haven’t seen the end of news reports and social media stories that show mothers at their very worst, it’s important to pay more attention to stories of heroic mothers like Yevette Vasquez. The real winner in this true-life story is Elijah. He not only has one of the most creative and inspirational mothers to hit the news this year, but he scored two donuts during an event that would normally have excluded him entirely.

Yet, readers and social media viewers around the world also win because we got to enjoy a positive story that shows the power of mothers who dedicate their lives to raising responsible, caring children. While her story continues to go viral and she receives praise from her fellow parents, the rest of the world can take a moment to celebrate motherhood at its best.