Fashion Diasters

Many times celebrities will try to outdo each other by wearing ridiculous-looking clothing. They may think that they are making a fashion statement, when in fact they are making fools of themselves.  Here are some famous fashion disasters made by influential celebrities around the world.

Britney Spears And Justin Timberlake made a bold statement at the 2001 American Music Awards by wearing matching denim outfits. The outfits were not plain denim, however. They were more of a mish-mosh of different pairs of jeans that were cut apart and sewn together. Britney’s dress was strapless and Justin’s suit looked like a patchwork pair of overalls. Britney even carried a matching purse to the awards.

At the 2000 Grammys, Jennifer Lopez wore an eye-catching every-revealing Versace emerald green dress that left very little to the imagination. It was so low cut, it went below her belly button.

At the 2009 opening White Sox game, Barack Obama who is usually well-suited and impeccably dressed, threw out the first pitch wearing casual jeans and bright white sneakers.  He appeared to be trying too hard to look casual and may have been better off sticking with his usual attire.

Celine Dion had a very bizarre outfit at the 1999 Oscars. She wore a beautiful white tuxedo; but it was entirely backwards. The labels were on her back so you could see her bare skin. The pants were backwards, and the whole outfit was very strange. It had a huge hat that didn’t really fit the suit properly, making her look like a pimp instead of a singer.

Rose McGowan showed up at the 1998 MTV awards wearing an outfit that barely covered anything at all. It was composed from black threads, over a leopard print G-string. She did not wear a bra with the outfit, making it extremely revealing overall. The material, what there was of it, was covered with nude colored sequins, giving it an appearance of even more flesh.

Madonna is a celebrity known to be daring throughout her career with her music as well as her wardrobe. The 56 year old recently lifted her skirt for photographers at the 2015 Grammy award performance. She was wearing a matador’s outfit with fishnet stockings and a G-string underneath, which was soon a show for all that were behind her.

Kim Kardashian is known for being bold and she has recently shown the world that she is not afraid to bare her skin, at all.  There have recently been a multitude of photographs going around the internet with her showing as much skin as possible. She enjoys showing off her body, and no one is really able to escape it when it is plastered on social media sites.

Kim’s sister, Khloe Kardashian is another that does’t seem to realize that some of her outfits are less than pleasing to the eye. She likes to wear clothing that is so tight, that is leaves very little to the imagination…including what is on underneath her pants.

Padma Lakshimi from The Top Chef television show recently put a picture on her social media site showing her running in a bikini. She directed attention to the bottoms, saying it appeared as if she had a penis. It was the angle of the photo, making the bottoms appear elongated.