Clay County, North Carolina Takes Dog Rescue to the Next Level

A few kindly dogs who needed a home got a job instead. Read on to see the beautiful creatures who were enlisted as crime fighters in North Carolina and then all over the country. Great ideas get around. Let’s start at the beginning, Sheriff’s in Clay County, North Carolina decided they would use rescue dogs in a useful way.

Need is the mother of invention. When sheriff’s decided to add canines to their crime fighting cadre they felt the need was strong for the dogs’ ability to sniff for drugs and other harmful items as well as following and tracing the scent for humans. Fido to the rescue!


You can tell by their shield Clay County, NC is a family oriented place where home is at the heart of the area. Let’s find out how rescue dogs came to be at the center of their law enforcement personnel.


Brother (or sister) can you spare your time? Sheriff’s made the heartwarming decision to “hire” two pit bulls who are known for terrorizing folks to protect folks instead. The names of the two darlings: Phantom and Sarah.


The insight of the officers turned a problem: Pit Bulls who were in need of a home – into a solution: Pit Bulls on the job to protect and serve! Now they have a home, gainful employment and the avenue to be endeared to an entire county!


Deputies posted on social media the reasons behind hiring the Pit Bulls. Good idea if a citizen ever saw them at a crime scene they may have surmised they were the culprit not the help. Pit Bulls get a bad rap – no matter how sweet they are.


“You Only Know Half of the Story” Sheriff Pit Bull’s face is half Black and half White but don’t try to give him half of the story. If he sniffs drugs Sheriff Pit Bull requires just the facts.


What is wonderful is that the dogs who make their employ with Clay County most certainly avoided death which is what happens to most dogs who don’t find a home. Pit Bulls are especially susceptible to this circumstance due to their infamous, yet false reputation for being blood thirsty, massive jawed predators. They have the massive and strong jaws but most use them just for eating dog food.


“If You Can Make it Here, You’ll Make it Anywhere”

Can you hear NY Police Canine Kiah listening to the strains of this famous song? Well after she became the first Pit Bull assigned in NY she has become accustomed to the Frank Sinatra standard. After a shift of using her awesome sense of smell to find narcotics or track missing persons, she kicks back with a bowl full of vittle and listens to her favorite song about her new home town.


Check out that harness! Before making her Broadway debut in The Big Apple, Kiah faced being euthanized as she waited for adoption in an animal shelter.


Just one of the foundations that are trying to make a difference with the use of Pit Bulls as opposed to German Shepherds who were known as the quintessential police dog, is the Animal Farm Foundation of NY. German Shepherds cost tens of thousands of dollars while these dogs have minimal or no cost since they are rescue dogs.


In addition to North Carolina other states who have jumped aboard the Pit Bull express are Texas, New York, Washington and Georgia. Experts are impressed by how great these dogs perform their duties while saving taxpayer dollars and more importantly saving dogs lives.


He’s so cool he got a scholarship. Animal Farm Foundation supplements part of the training fees to the K9 training facility.

Hector is a rescue dog that belonged to ex- dog fighter Michael Vick at one point. He has since joined the forces for good and looks peaceful and content. His eyes have seen a lot of violence and now he is working for the good of the community.

Aww, Do You Want a Cuddle?

Hector is not a police dog. He actually works as a therapy dog. He works at nursing homes and hospitals to help people feel better.


If those soulful eyes don’t get you, I don’t know what will. This is a testimony to how much the dogs can change. Presumeably, Hector was a fight dog before now he rolls over as his performance trick.

Partners Against Crime

Don’t they look like seasoned crime fighters after a hard day on the street. Bow Wow.


In addition to the narcotic search, tracking missing people and can you guess what else? That’s right you guessed it! Canines who work for the police departments are also trained in finding explosives. Those noses really come in handy for so many things.

Whether you choose Pit Bulls or German Shepherds, canines make some of the best partners in the world.

Even if that parnership takes them to the military. Yes, dogs are trained to assist their human partners in the military as well.

In K9 school, dogs have to undergo vigorous training in order to be up to the duties at hand. Having loving trainers who are experts in their fields ensure that the canines are up to par in the field to which they are assigned. We know that all dogs have inate skills that make them great for police, therapy and military work. This slide show demonstrates that all dogs, not just the traditional German Shepherd is great for this line of service.

Ask A Criminal

Ask any human for that matter. The thought of having a dog after you is a different fear than having a human after you. We can reason with people but wild animals???Even a criminal with a gun could be a tough match for a K9. Smaller mass means greater chance to miss the target. It is a better choice not to get in trouble at all.

Job Well Done

The Next Generation of Crime Fighters!