Celebrity Wedding Crashers: You Never Know Who’ll Show Up

Autumn creates a beautiful backdrop for a wedding, especially when that setting is Central Park. For one couple, an already perfect day became one they will never forget.

Following their ceremony, Elisabeth and Ryan posed for wedding portraits in Central Park. As photographer Meg Miller took shots, actor Tom Hanks jogged up to the newlyweds. He posed with them for the professional portraits and a candid shot he took for his Twitter account.



Crashing a Wedding During Forrest Gump
The Oscar-winning actor is known for his friendly, outgoing attitude. This wasn’t his first time Hank’s surprised a bride before or after a wedding.

In the early 1990s, he spotted a bride and her bridesmaids as they lined up outside the church. He asked the driver to honk and pull over. Hanks jumped out the car, ran up to give the bride a kiss, wished her luck, and ran back to the car. After the driver tracked down the bride, he requested a copy of the picture for Hanks. In addition, the actor surprised the couple with an autographed version.

Adding a Second Wedding Crash Moment Years Later
While filming Angels and Demons, a bride got trapped by the movie crew. Her limo ended up trapped on the wrong side of the street. Hanks spotted her, stopped production, and escorted her to the church. The bride invited him to stay for the wedding, but he declined. When the ceremony ended, he and director Ron Howard waited outside the church to offer congratulations.

Hanks invited the new couple to the Roman premier of Angels and Demons. During the red carpet event, he reunited with the couple and learned they were expecting their first child. It was a truly touching moment for anyone lucky enough to witness it.

Hanks Isn’t the Only Celebrity Wedding Crasher
While Hanks certainly seems to crash a high number of weddings, he’s not the only celebrity to surprise wedding parties. Musician Jon Bon Jovi shocked a bride in 2013. He spied a Facebook post in which she begged him to appear at her wedding. He went above and beyond and walked the bride down the aisle.

Adam Levine and his band Maroon 5 crashed multiple wedding receptions to shoot their video for 2015’s Sugar. Working with the director of the movie Wedding Crashers, Levine arranged the surprise appearance with the grooms. The band played songs in front of some very shocked brides.

Finally, actor John Travolta and his friend Robin Williams crashed a wedding back in the 1970s. While waiting at an airport bar, he got to pull off a second wedding crash. He learned a couple seated near him were getting married later in the day. He kicked a plan into action and showed up at their wedding shoot.

Many couples loathe the idea of surprise guests at their wedding or reception. However, an appearance from a celebrity adds an unforgettable moment to an already momentous occasion.