Adoption – 14 Celebrities Who Went That Route

Famous people are constantly in the news for their decision to adopt children. What are the reasons behind these adoptions?

Celebrities adopt children for a wide range of reasons. Angelina Jolie, the philanthropist, adopted three children from less fortunate circumstances in order to give them a better quality of life. Katherine Heigl adopted because her sister was adopted, and she enjoyed that experience growing up. Celebrities adopt for the same reasons that non-celebrities do. Fertility problems are a main reason why people adopt. The world needs more adoptive parents, and celebrities feel they are helping society by adopting and improving a child’s life. Another reason famous people adopt is because they have the finances, time, and help to go through the adoption process and raise a child. It’s great to see when celebs decide to adopt children in need and give them a better life. Read on to learn about these 14 celebrity stories of adoption.

Meg Ryan has a biological son, Jack who is 15 years old. His father is Dennis Quaid. Meg Ryan has not been in a movie theater for 10 years, because she is focused on raising Jack and her adopted daughter, Daisy True. She adopted 8-year old Daisy True from China in January 2006.


Sushmita Sen: A model, Indian film actress, and beauty pageant title holder, she is among the minority of Bollywood actresses who adopt children. Sushmita adopted two daughters, Renee and Alisah. Sushmita has always had great love for and interest in children. She adopted her first daughter at the young age of 18. She adopted her second child in 2010. Sushmita Sen is a single parent and an example to Indian women that they too can adopt a child.

Katherine Heigl: Katherine’s sister, Meg was adopted from Korea three years before Katherine was born. She chose to adopt her baby girl in 2009 from South Korea with husband, Josh Kelly, because she wanted her family to be similar to the one in which she grew up. Their daughter is named Nancy Leigh. In 2012, Katherine and Josh adopted another baby girl, this time from the United States, and named her Adalaide Marie Hope. They may still have biological children in the future, but believe adoption is a great way to go.



Charlize Theron: The beautiful actress, Charlize Theron decided she wanted to adopt a child while traveling to her native South Africa and viewing the many orphanages . She adopted her son, Jackson in March of 2012. She had always wanted to adopt and couldn’t be happier with her decision.

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise: Nicole Kidman and ex-husband Tom Cruise adopted daughter Isabella Jane and son Connor Antony during their 11-year marriage. Nicole Kidman struggled with infertility and subsequent depression. Now that she and Tom are divorced, Nicole will never regret the marriage that begat her two lovely children.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: Great champion of adoption, Angelina Jolie adopted her first son, Maddox from Cambodia in 2002, while she was still single. After she met and fell in love with Brad Pitt, they adopted daughter, Zahara from Ethopia in 2006 and son, Pax from Vietnam in 2007.
Shortly after, the couple welcomed Shiloh, their first biological child together. In 2008, they had a set of biological twins, Vivienne and Knox. Who better than these two actors, with their unlimited resources, to raise these children of the world.

Michelle Pfeiffer: Michelle Pfeiffer adopted her daughter, Claudia Rose in 1993 as a single woman. While she was completing the adoption process, she met writer/producer, David Kelly on a bowling date arranged by friends. She felt having the child helped them as a couple by allowing them to have a baby on whom to focus. Before she adopted, in her eagerness to have a baby, she had considered getting impregnated with “no strings attached”, but decided adoption was a better alternative. Michelle and David also have a biological son, John Henry.

Sharon Stone: Sharon Stone has three adopted sons. She adopted her first son, Roan Joseph in 2000. She divorced Phil Bronstein in 2003, and adopted two more sons, Laird in 2005 and Quinn in 2006. Sharon Stone had always wanted to be a mother and was determined to be so, regardless if it was through adoption or birth. She suffered many heartbreaking miscarriages. Sharon said, “I always thought I would adopt,” she added. “Even when I was young, I used to look up how to adopt.”

Sandra Bullock: Sandra Bullock, famed Hollywood actress adopted a baby boy, Louis in 2010. She and former husband, Jesse James had begun the adoption process before rumors surfaced of his infidelity. She adopted him as a single mother. Louis was born in New Orleans. This is an example of an actress with the resources and finances to be able to go through the lengthy adoption process and be able to give Louis a great home.

Hugh Jackman: Hugh Jackman and wife Deborra-Lee tried to have children biologically, but it did not happen. They both agreed on adoption. Hugh and Deborra-Lee adopted son, Oscar in 2000. They adopted baby girl, Ava five years later. Jackman was told during the adoption process that mixed race children are in the most need of loving homes. The couple had no problem with that and are enjoying themselves as a family.

Madonna: The pop star had two biological children before she decided to adopt a son in 2008. She adopted son, David Banda. A year later, she adopted daughter, Mercy James. They were both adopted from Malawi. Madonna is vocal about ending poverty in Malawi, and she visits often to help further the education of children in this Afriican country.

Rosie O’Donnell is a famous, lesbian comedian. She adopted three children and had one through artificial insemination of her ex-wife, Kelli (Carpenter) O’Donnel. Most recently, she adopted daughter, Dakota with wife Michelle Rounds. She likes to raise awareness of the gay adoption process and opportunities for gay parents to adopt.

Jamie Lee Curtis adopted two children, Thomas Guest (16) and Annie Guest (25) with her husband Christopher Guest. Jamie Lee Curtis wrote a children’s book in 1996 called, Tell Me Again About the Night I was Born, which adoptive families have loved.

Sheryl Crow, famous musician, adopted two sons after her break up with Lance Armstrong. After she was diagnosed with cancer and survived, she wanted children more than ever. She adopted her sons, Wyatt Steven Crow and Levi Crow from the United States. She has said the adoption process in the U.S. is easier than in any other country. Sheryl said, “If you adopt from Guatemala, Russia, Haiti, or China, you have to live there for a while, and the process can be lengthy.”