Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo Welcome a Baby Girl

Becoming a parent is a dream come true for many people. Such is the same thing for stars as well. Model Behati Pirnsloo and musician Adam Levine recently announced to the world that they had become parents. The two partners are the parents of a brand new baby girl. People around the world were happy to learn that a possible future pop princess has entered the world. The two remain mum about other details about the baby they have just birthed including the baby’s name, weight and where Prinsloo gave birth. However, it is clear that both parents are extremely happy at having a new life to enjoy and care for in their home.

An Adored Baby
The new baby has been welcomed into the world by two parents who are used to being in the spotlight and watched by the press all the time. While both are often quite closely watched by the press and their many adoring fans, the couple made a joint decision to keep the initial pregnancy under wraps as much as possible. This allowed them both to have the time to get used to being parents and have some private time alone with each other to celebrate. The pregnancy announcement was made recently when it become clear to observers that Ms. Pinsloo was pregnant and would shortly become a parent. Since that time, the two have made it clear that they are delighted to be parents and happily welcome the new baby.

A Model
Prinsloo is very used to the spotlight. A native of Namibia in Southern Africa, she is one woman who has been able to turn to modeling as a career and make it her own. As a model, she has been seen in many catalogs and other forms of print media. She has also become renowned for her appearances on the runway as a Victoria’s Secret model. In 2008, the tall blond gained further fame when she became the face of a Victoria’s Secret sub-brand that has been dubbed Pink. Her career continued as she later remained with the company and became a much admired Victoria’s Secret Angel only a year later. Her face and elegant figure have quickly become one of the world’s most recognizable.

Marriage For Two
She and husband Adam Levine have been married for two years. Adam Levine is known for his work as a member of the hit pop group Maroon 5. He and his fellow band members spend time touring the country and singing. The two are clearly devoted to each other, having spent a lot of time together when not engaged in advancing their separate careers. Both hope that the new baby will further cement their love for each other. Levine spoke to media about his joy in becoming a father for the first time. He hopes to have a large family in the future and see his own joy in fatherhood only continue to grow.